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Modular Non-Emissive Power Systems

The EEG Semi-Closed Cycle -- 


Power without a TailpipeTM


Virtual CO2 PipelineTM

The Enhanced Energy Group (EEG) Semi-Closed Cycle, which we can apply to compression or spark ignition Piston Engines with few modifications and to a new class of Gas Turbines, captures ALL exhaust.  

It is truely Power without a TailpipeTM.

The captured exhaust consists of liquid water, which can be processed to meet the requirements of nearly any use, to include irrigation, industrial processes, or even drinking water.  

Separately, the captured exhaust also consists of pressurized (or liquefied) CO2.  

This dehydrated stream of high purity CO2 is suitable for Enhanced Oil Recovery, Industrial Processes, or sequestration.  

EEG systems are relatively small and modular, providing the CO2 and reliable power where you need it -- a Virtual CO2 PipelineTM.  

Enhanced Energy Group from Figmints Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

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